$50 Ring Master online casino no deposit bonus code

May 25, 2009 in $26 - $75, No deposit codes

New $50 ND bonus code for online casino

Use bonus code: 50RINGDAY

**Contact customer support for T&C’s

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  • This is not a licenced casino and who knows what the software is. Since it is unlicenced and using unknown software, we recommend you stay away.

    Crystal Palace Group (RTG)


    American Circus Casino
    American Grand Casino
    Americas Online Casino.com
    Casino Peru
    Cleopatras Casino
    Crystal Palace Casino
    Club Mardi Gras
    Club Regal Casino
    Golden Nile Casino
    High Rollers Lounge
    Jackpot Kings Casino
    Jackpot Cash Casino
    Lucky Coin Casino
    Lucky pyramid casino
    Royal Circus Casino
    Silver Sands Casino
    Vegas Frontier
    Vegas Riches

    Also appearing as:

    Silver Oak Casino
    CaptainJack Casino
    CatsEye Casino
    GoldStream Casino
    LuckyPalm Casino
    PharaohsGold Casino
    Planet7 Casino
    Ringmaster Casino
    RoyalAce Casino

    These guys have a reputation for giving huge bonuses which make it almost impossible to fulfill the wagering requirements, so you can’t withdraw. Should you get close to withdrawing, you get another bonus that will put you in the hole again. If you should be lucky enough to end up with winnings anyway, they have a reputation for just not paying the winnings.

    Stay away!

  • hi!i hit the jackpot at vegas sky on million reels b.c. for $248,000 on a $10 no deposit code. they’ve sent out emails about it my name is jeff g. i bet $3.75 i think max cashout is $40 lmmfao but much fun

  • kerrygirl i havent cash out anything yet but i dont deposit anything at these sites either thats probably why, lol. i know for sure you cash out at the poker sites but not here. the only casino sites i deposit is online vegas, go, and golden casino like i said i still havent cash out anything yet.

  • well it didn’t work, they said I had 3 separate accounts so I can’t cash out because I didn’t make a deposit inbetween free chips. I didn’t know that cats eye, ring master, and pharoahs gold were sister casinos and void each other out if you do free chips at each one without making a deposit.

  • I tried 50pharoahday this morning and was up to almost $800. then the next bet I noticed I only had $150. I realized I made the play-through and they took back the rest like they said they would under t&c. Well I can’t down-load their fax-back form where I can read it, but I’m still trying to see what I need to do before I hit the cash-out button. Wow, you actually hit a random jackpot? Didn’t think anyone ever really did.

  • Not me. I am so tired of playing the RTG games. I like iSlots and Rival, where are their free no deposit bonuses? But, I carry on with a dim hope of winning a jackpot.

  • I won a $7,000 jackpot at Cool Cat Casino Oct 2008. I am in the US and I actually won a “random jackpot” from the “Warlock” game. It was a complete nightmare to get my money but I DID get it ALL after 5 months. You can always go to Central Gaming Disputes and they actually WILL help you. I stay away from RTG gaming and I think Vegas Technologies is the best group.

  • stop what your doing all . i have found out from a friend of a friend
    that all these casinos are a rip off. he told me a guy who went to school
    with him a long tome ago said , they will only pay you if you bet alot of money with them as they know they will get it back , but then you keep going down . he says they are the biggest rip off people he knows about since he had a job taking calls from people like us . thats why he quit…

  • I got that Cool Cat bonus code too, it did not work for me either. I emailed me and told them to stop sending me bad codes, thought it maight guilt them into giving it to me. That didn’t work either :)

  • i have played all these games with there bonuses. and its a good thing . as i would be out atleast $1,200.00 . i see alot of people trying to get there money ,if and i say IF ,they hit. it is very hard to get your money from them.
    if they find 1 thing wrong its a void ..lol . that seems to be just about all the time . and if someone says they got there money they work for the casinos.
    they know you well people , thats why half of them give 200 300 or even 600 percent bounes. but the play through is stupid.. your better off playing the lotto. so be smart . just stop. find something else . they really like us usa people ,they think we are stupid . if you like playing the games just go to the fun mode ..lol .. if you play at all of these casinos .you will not get a dime , as if you ever would ..lol , one more thing .. are goverment does not allow online gambling, thats another reason you wont get your money .

    good luck to all , spend your real money on your wife , kids , dog , car , bills . put your money to good use and stop paying there bills..and given them the life we all dream about . make yours come true . but it wont happen here guys.

  • Anty, the bonus code only works when you upload the casino from their website, it is an “exclusive”. just go to their website, load from their link and your in.